As we hear this word there is always a feeling of power and aggression that arises after listening to it. The people between 20 to 35 age lies under this category called youth.

As earlier, our country India has seen many great works of our youths and have been growing at this stage because of the youths only. Not only earlier but now also youths are doing great deeds to make India a growing world.

Youths are getting educated day by day and leading our country to great extent. Earlier youth participation meant participation from men but now youth means women and men both. India has not only grown through infrastructure but mentally also as people not only encourage their boy child but also their girl child are being encouraged in every field.

Youths have increased the financial and social relations among the different nations with their intellectual. They have helped with meeting demands of the world by making the world digital.

Earlier as employment was less and our country was not democratic so the talents of our youths were wasted and their power too. But now as India is progressing, job opportunities are increasing day by day and their talents are given platform so youths are exploring more and giving their contribution in building better India.


Fields that have been explored are:

There are many new fields where youths have started building their career options and have raised themselves and our country by representing India all over the world.

  1. Dancing:

    Dance is one of the oldest and the purest form of representing your love towards god and goddess. Earlier it was only done occasionally that is either on some function or on some festival. But nowadays our youths have made it a source of income and started building their career in it. They have not earned money by this but represented India at national and at international levels. This helps them know different forms of dance and bring those forms in their dance style.

  2. Sports:

    Sports like cricket, hockey, basketball, baseball and many more were all played at street levels. Some of the sports were familiar because of the rulers that ruled our country for years. Hockey is the national game of our country as it is originated in India. Earlier people used to think participating in these sports does not help them earn money as there is no fix career in it. But our youths like MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev, Harmanpreet Singh, Varun Kumar, S V Sunil and many more famous players have proved them wrong by building such a beautiful career in it and helped the people in changing their mentality by gaining so much respect and success. Indian players have not only earned respect but also earned many new relations between different countries. They have set great examples and have motivated our youths for participating in it and building careers in it.

  3. Singing:

    Singing was famous in earlier times also but their were no career options in it. It was just performed in the temples in the form of prayers but as the time passes started building career in it and there was great role of our youths in it. Our youths have started singing in movies as play back singers and many singing competitions are introduced to find the talent of our youths.

  4. Politics:

    Youths have started participating in politics. This is one of the best things or interests that is being seen by the youths as they know the problems of the people well and are more enthusiastic towards solving them. The corruption rate in the country has also reduced a lot. Youths believe in taking action towards the wrong doings and therefore judgement is neutral and correct from their side. They also not believe in sitting ideal rather they keep on doing some work for their betterment of the country.

As our country has grown in terms of everything as compared to earlier times, some of our youths have been influenced by good and some by bad things of the changing world.

Youths that are influenced by wrong things are spoiling their lives and misusing their powers of changing our world and the rules that are made for the benefit of the people. They are involved in drinking alcohols and breaking the rules and doing wrong things to get famous and to earn money. They spend their whole day drinking alcohols and taking toxic things which keeps them away from the things that are going on the world and their presence requirement for the betterment of the country.

Youth’s Responsibilities:

Youths of our country need to understand their responsibilities towards their families and towards the country’s betterment. They should contribute like other youths and avoid the excessive usage of toxic things because it not only affects the life of an individual but also the lives of the people him.

As developing period is going on so to meet the requirements of it, India need to work on the coming technologies and for this India requires new talent and great enthusiasm towards work.

As whole world is getting digital, we need youths with the knowledge of developing new digital devices and things that makes our India digital. Many digital cars and devices are introduced in India with the help of the hard work of our youths and with the experience and guidance of  our experienced adults.

To meet these requirements of digital world youths need to indulge the knowledge about the new technologies and the methods to work on it in the best way and produce the new products.

Last but not least, youths together can change the whole world and can bring a large change in the mentality and the development of world.

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